Evolis Primacy ID Card Duel Side Printer

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Evolis Primacy PVC ID Card Dual Side Printer (Radium Box).specialize for personalized cards, Staff ID badges, School ID cards, Membership cards, Loyalty cards, Event badges, Visitor badges and UIDAI Aadhaar Card



Evolis Primacy ID Card Duel Side Printer 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1 Year WarrantyQuickest, most powerful and highest-performance office card printer in its categoryA card printer which adapts to your needs: available in single or double-side printing versions, with or without encoding technologiesAll versions are available with USB and Ethernet TCP/IP connectivityPrimacy guarantees optimal operation and perfect resultsPack has: Printer, CD-ROM with printer drivers, user manuals, and eMedia CS, Cleaning kit, USB cable, Reject tray, Power supply and cordPerfect for production runs, prints up to 225 cards/hour in colour, 850 cards/hour in monochromeWhen loaded with the Evolis cutting-edge encoding technologies, Primacy turns into the ideal solution to issue cardsA dual-sided printing activation key enables a single-sided printer to be converted in a dual-sided one in an instant and on siteThe card printer benefits from the

ENERGY STAR certification and is compliant with the ErP directiveThe transparent front panel allows you to check the level of the remaining cards at any time so you can anticipate when more cards need to be loadedThe 250-card capacity of the colour ribbon cassette (YMCKO) saves time by reducing the frequency with which the ribbon needs to be changedHigh-end printer that is easy-to-use, flexible and fastIdeal for printing: Transportation passes, payment cards, identification badges, student cardsBrand: Evolis Primacy supports any requirement in card printing and encoding, in medium to large runs The software also allows you to dialog with the printer from your PC as well as providing on-line help available 24 hours a day. Step-by-step wizards guide you through option configuration and cleaning cycles operationsOn the counter or in the office, the feeder and output hopper located at the front of the printer makes handling easyNo need to reload cards: 100-card capacity of both feeder and output hopperWhile operating, Primacy emits only 48 decibelsWith weight reduced to only 4 kg, Primacy is ideal for applications away from the office (trade shows, exhibitions, etc.)Supplied with Evolis Premium Suite, Primacy configures itself automatically.The encoding or double-sided printing options can be installed to order or at any time on siteCards with an encoding error are ejected into a special reject tray

PRODUCT FEATURES GENERAL DETAILS Output Type: Colour Method: Thermal transfer Type: Multi Function Print Output: Colour Functions: Print

CONNECTIVITY Wireless: No WHAT IS IN THE BOX (?) Charger / Adaptor: Adaptor Manual: Driver CD / DVD User Manual Booklet Miscellaneous: Warranty Card Cable: Data Cable

WARRANTY DETAILS Warranty Available: Manufacturer Warranty Warranty Service Type: Against Manufacturing Defects Warranty Details: No warranty on Head…”


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