BIOMATIQUES EPL-1000 Iris Scanner


BIOMATIQUES EPL-1000 Iris Scanner


Name ModeleParakh Iris Scanner
Device CategoryEPI – 1000
Image ResolutionSingle Eye Capture
Pixel Resolution>>640 x 480 Pixels
Capturing Distance≥ 20 pixel/mm
Capturing Volume3 Inch (76 mm) approx. (from the Top of the device) Approx. 115 mm from the sensor
Pixel Depth30 X 22 mm @ 76 mm
Frame Rate8 bits/pixel
Imaging Sensor≥ 30 fps
Scan TypeBIS – 7725 OV -Based on Omni Vision OV7725 CMOS VGA SensorProgressive
Capture modeAuto and Manual (Trigger via Device SDK)
Lighting Illumination700 to 850 nm (NIR)
Contrast> 70 grey level between iris and scler, > 50 grey level between iris and pupil
Image acquisition time< 1 Sec
Sensor S/R Ratio> 36 db
Spacial Resolution> 60% @ 2 LP/mm
ConnectivityHigh Speed USB 2.0
Output ImageJpeg 2000 compression table 1 of ISO/IEC 19794/6:2011
Optical Distortion< 0.0001
UsageIndoor and Outdoor [avoid direct sunlight & extreme bright environments]
Device Dimensions117 mm x 56 mm x 39 mm
Operating Temperature0°C to +50°C
Storing Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Operating Humidity0 to 95%, non-condensing
OS SupportedWindows OS [All Family]
API Supprt1 year manufacturing defect
CertificationsSTQC Certified, CB Scheme, IP 54, USB-IF Certified, Safety Standards as per IEC 62471, RoHS
Aadhaar RD Service SupportCompliant to:
1. Aadhaar Registered Device Specification Ver. 2.0.2 (July 2017)
2. eKYC API Speci?cation 2.1 (May 2017)
OS Supported:


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